Your Wild Souls In the Canary Islands Guides:

The Bay 2

Blake Steele

Poet, Author of 14 Books, Recording Artist, Workshop Leader, Energy Healer, Massage Therapist, Chi Gong and Yoga Teacher with 47 Years Experience Inspiring Others
in the Spiritual Journey.

Quotes About Blake’s Workshops:

‘Blake has a beautiful, soulful presence and unique ability to instantly soften 
and open your heart. His workshops are a graceful, blissful and awakening journey
 back to love and truth. I found a whole new depth of life and love with him.’

Zari Gemma Ferns, UK

‘Blake meets people with an open Heart, curiosity, energy, and without any judgment!
 He opens people’s Hearts and handles everything that comes up with such kindness
and love! He is amazing!’
May Lagopoulos, Denmark, (Greece)

With Blake I was free to be myself —and I mean free —
and encouraged to find my own way.

Henrik Hougaard, Denmark

“Blake Steele is a warmhearted friend, a brave soul and an experienced seeker
 who loves his fellow human beings. To be with him is exciting, challenging, 
and a safe adventure that makes a mysterious meeting with myself possible.”
Eva Sanner, Author, Sweden

 Light the light...Light the light…

Randi Montage

Randi Sundstøl

One of Norway’s most qualified Sailing Certification Instructors with 17 years experience of team building on board, and 35 years of sailing experience, as well as a Zen Coach, Axelson’s Zone Therapist, Masseuse, Reiki & Family Constellation Practitioner.

Introduction to Wild Souls in the Canaries by Blake Steele


WILD SOULS WORKSHOPS is an ongoing enterprise of Blake Steele, poet, author, and workshop leader with 46 years experience in the spiritual life. Wild Souls Workshops teams with other great workshop leaders to create wholly unique experience for those who long to reconnect with their deep souls, the magic and mystery of Creation, beauty, creative freedom, life beyond fear, and the highest beauty of all, we call the Divine.

Wild Souls Workshop’s home base is in Sweden. All workshops are held in English in various places around the world. See information on this blog, and on our Facebook Page, or contact us through the form below.

Life is not a problem… but an adventure of Love to be lived!

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Wild Souls Workshops


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